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PKG Connects You with Your Parkinson’s Patient

30 April 2021 | Healthcare Professionals,

Unique Remote Monitoring System for Parkinson’s

Provides objective, ambulatory, continuous assessment of motor complications associated with Parkinson’s movement disorders including:

  • Assessment of bradykinesia, dyskinesia and tremor
  • A record of daytime sleepiness and immobility
  • Self-reported levodopa compliance

Ability to correlate symptom fluctuations and their severity with respect to levodopa dosage.

Remote Physiologic Monitoring using the PKG system:

RPM for Parkinson’s patients:

  • Is a billable service model using the PKG System
  • Ability to monitor patient progress continuously over time to help achieve a better quality of life at each point in their journey.
  • Clinicians and staff review monitoring data and spend reimbursable time every month evaluating and providing care management to your patients as needed.

The PKG qualifies as a reimbursed product service under RPM codes

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