Global Kinetics

The PKG Report

PKG report supports treatment decisions

  • Enhanced report layout! – simplified longitudinal view,  off-wrist time alerts, along with 24hr immobility & inactivity data, to support patient care and streamline workflow
  • PKG is generated using proprietary cloud-based algorithms
  • Data is compiled, analyzed and annotated into a detailed report
  • Clinic accesses PKG report from the PKG portal
  • Clinician utilizes information to manage patient’s clinical care
  • Clinic can update medication timing remotely (from PKG portal) with the PKG Watch reflecting the new timing when docked/re-activated by the patient

Understanding PKG

Dyskinesia & Bradykinesia

Target Ranges

Medication Times

Tremor Assessment

24hr View With Inactivity & Immobility

PKG Scores Longitudinal View

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